Return policy

As a company, we fully comply with the Australian Consumer Protection Legislation, and therefore offer a full return refund within 14 days of purchase—providing you are able to submit a valid reason for your return. We offer returns as a last resort, if no other solutions can be found in an effort to resolve your issues.

Unopened products will be refunded in full, and your refund will be submitted through the same method of payment used at checkout. We are unable to refund items purchased in error, however, so please check your order thoroughly before completing. We are also unable to refund postage costs.

In the interest of efficiency, we classify our refunds into the following two categories:

Broken or Damaged products -

If your product is damaged in transit, you can return this for a full refund, providing we approve this return. As we only dispatch fully saleable items, any products received damaged are the result of mishandling by the courier, and we must therefore assess the situation before agreeing to a return. Please contact the delivery courier before submitting for a refund through our company.Incorrect products – In the unlikely event that we mail the incorrect product to you, we accept full responsibility for this problem and will offer a refund. Please contact customer service if this has happened to you, and we will send a replacement once we receive the incorrect product as a return.

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